We are an institution that offers a comprehensive online education, whenever and wherever they want, to people who are looking for better opportunities to advance in the labor field, as legal assistants in the area of preparation of immigration forms under the supervision of an attorney or who want to start or expand their own business that allows them to achieve financial freedom, by assisting others in the basic preparation of immigration forms or who simply want to obtain information on the various means to legally immigrate to the United States.
Likewise, we provide a lot of valuable and free knowledge and information for immigrants who come to this country or for those who intend to do so, in search of better living conditions, on how to move forward in this great nation, once they have decided to immigrate.


We are the only teaching institution in Spanish on immigration processes and training to learn how to complete the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) forms, with audiovisual classes, recorded that allow continuous repetition with unlimited access for 6 months, and virtual classes through live zoom that are also recorded and that through our memberships you can continue to enjoy.
In addition, we are the only company that offers post-course support tools to optimize the result in the application of the acquired knowledge.


To provide U.S. immigrants with the necessary knowledge to correctly handle immigration forms, to help them achieve their dreams in this country, and to have the ability to help others.